How To Deal With Rebounding Weight After A Fat Loss Setback

If you are an overweight woman who has been trying her hardest to adhere to a healthy fat loss program including diet and exercise, but has recently made a mistake and had your pounds come flooding back, do not despair. The human body is a wondrous organism and it is designed to compensate for the kind of stress you have been putting it through.

Although it is certainly disappointing to know that you have another five, ten or how many ever pounds to work back in order to get to the point you were at previously, you should know that it is definitely within your power to do so, and with some help, can even happen quicker and more efficiently than the first time.

Slimming Yourself Back Down With The Venus Factor

One of the key advantages to this weight loss product is the fact that it is designed to eliminate the problem of rebounding weight. Key to understanding the way this happens is understanding the role that the hormone leptin plays in fat loss.

Leptin is the hormone responsible for triggering your body's burning of stored fat for energy. When you diet, especially if you diet severely, your body produces less leptin and maintains a much higher resistance to its effects. If you slip up on your diet and start eating carbs and fat again, your level of leptin will remain where it was at the beginning, leading you to put on pounds like never before.

In order to combat this natural quality of the human body, it is necessary to control your sensitivity to leptin, which requires a specialized diet, as well as exercise routines that are designed to work in concert with your body's natural functions instead of against them.

That is what makes this approach so special. By targeting your body's productions and sensitivity to this particular hormone, and providing nutritional advice geared towards thats end, it is possible to produce results much faster and much safer and much more efficiently than ever before.

If you have been struggling with weight loss, and recently rebounded from a diet plan or exercise routine that was simply too stressful to bear, you should know that this option exists and that it works with your body rather than against it. The venus factor review is the most advanced weight management solution of its kind for exactly this reason.


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